• Absorbit Dye - Color Choices

Sold each - each jar: Stem Dye for Fresh Cut Flowers Absorbit color comes in 4 oz containers - Quick and easy way to dye fresh flowers. Good reasons to make Design Master Absorbit stem dye your color tool for fresh flowers -
  • Save Effort... Absorbit is easy to use, just mix with hot water.
  • Save time... Absorbit's special formulation speeds up the stem
  • Save money... Absorbit's concentrated dye makes more than twice the tinting solution.
  • Can blend colors for so many options!

    1. For best results use only high quality flowers that have been dry-stored in the cooler. Flowers kept in water before dyeing will absorb dye slower.

    2. MIX THOROUGHLY 2-3 teaspoons of ABSORBIT per quart of warm (100-110 °F) water. (8-12 teaspoons / gallon)

    3. Strip lower foliage and RECUT stems.

    4. Place stems in dye solution for 30-60 minutes. Long stemmed flowers should be taken from dye solution at the first sign of color above the calyx.

    5. Remove flowers and rinse dye from bottom of stems.

    6. Transfer flowers to water with flower food. The flower color will continue to intensify as the remaining dye within the stems travels upward.
color choices: ice blue, larkspur blue, lavender, burgundy, holiday red, holiday green, yellow, purple, teal blue, deep blue, pink, lime green or orange

Absorbit Dye - Color Choices

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